I Love Movies

Doug Benson hosts a live show that features 2+ comedian/celebrity guests.  Very funny and refreshingly concise with episodes topping out at around 45 minutes.  I have no idea why I didn’t include this in the first batch.

Comedy Death-Ray Radio

I actually do know why I haven’t recommended this in the past, it just started.  But Scott Aukerman hosts it, and he is hilarious…so that’s a good sign. For the future.  Of the radio show/podcast.  Not necessarily humanity.


After reading this story,  I have to sarcastically state that I am so glad that someone is finally looking out for meat industry. “For U.S. pork producers the swine flu name has hurt, forcing government officials into the position of stressing that American pork is safe to eat and that other countries should not ban imports.” Because that would be the worst thing in the world, stupid people going without bacon for a couple of weeks.  To be fair, the pork industry has been struggling, and it’s not like they ever do anything wrong, or could possibly be to blame for this.

By the way, I’d understand the need for a distinction if it were called the pork flu, but swine is an broad term that as far as I can tell is never used in reference to food.

Another link of interest.

The temptation is great, if this review turns out to be negative, to use the title “throwback” against itself, which is why I will not.  Although I am forming a conspiracy theory regarding the flavor, but I will get to this in a moment.  First, some background.  I am one of those people who avoid high fructose corn syrup without really understanding why I do.  So far, I have not seen conclusive proof that it is any worse for you than regular sugar.  I suppose it is mostly the idea of drinking corn juice that grosses me out about it, and seems so unnatural, but I have heard theories that tie it to our countries rampant obesity, even though I feel that hydrogenated oils are really to blame for that.  Anyway, I have restricted myself to colas that are sweetened with sugar, ranging from Boylan Cane Cola and Jones Cane Cola (excellent) to Pepsi Natural and Cricket Cola (distinctly fishy).  You can imagine my excitement when Pepsi Throwback was announced.  I’m sorry, that’s presumptuous of me.  Let’s just say I was mildly excited.  I assumed that it would have to be superior to regular Pepsi, since it was using an established formula that I at least at one point found “drinkable”, but now with the cleaner taste of regular sugar, not unlike the mythical Dublin Dr. Pepper.  What I tasted though was more in line with their abhorrent Pepsi Natural line.  I had assumed the fishiness of Pepsi Natural and Cricket was due to some other “natural” ingredient, but it’s presence in the Throwback is not only surprising, but disturbing.  The conspiracy theory I have is partially inspired by the limited time only nature of this line.  After tasting it, I fear that this may be Pepsi’s way of offering a direct taste test between natural sugar and high fructose corn syrup and they have fixed the results.

By the way, it was the fishiness that i was going to tie in with the throwback name to make a stupid joke about fishing.

I have no recipes to share from last week.  I can’t remember exactly what we ate, but I know I didn’t try new recipes.  I know there was something with black beans one day and something with chickpeas another.  Pretty sure I made black bean soup, but I can’t remember for the life of me what I used those chickpeas in.  Whoops.  I’ve been a cooking/baking fool this week (I’m on spring break), so lots to share for next week.  Til then, Happy Easter to all those who still believe in god.


Rittai Picross, which if it ever get’s localized would likely be renamed 3D Picross, is a Japanese puzzle game for the Nintendo Dual Screen, and as close as I’ve seen to a digital narcotic.  It’s a three dimensional version of a nonogram puzzle, which if you’ve never done one is a kind of numeric logic problem that’s solution results in a picture.  In this game, the result is a 3D, albeit blocky figure.  If you have an opportunity to try this, I fully recommend it, but I feel I must warn you.  Tetris, regular Picross, and perhaps embarrassingly Peggle are the only other games I can think of that have invaded my mind so thoroughly that the moment I close my eyes, my thoughts are translated into 3D blocks.  Not that that’s dangerous, it’s just kind of distracting.

Gameplay Video

Features Trailer

Today’s Annoyance

I’ve been browsing TasteSpotting lately, looking for recipe inspiration and new pizza topping ideas.  Because of this, I’ve been exposed to a bunch of new food blogs.

Obviously, because I am a vegetarian, I only click on the pictures of recipes that are (or appear to be) vegetarian friendly.  In doing so, I’ve noticed a bit of a trend – bloggers who post recipes that are vegetarian, but have to point out that they are NOT vegetarians.  They just enjoy cooking with and eating veggies.  They must make sure the reader understands that they still love a big juicy steak.

Umm, who gives a shit?  And why do they feel the need to justify cooking vegetarian meals?  And who are they justifying it to?  Guess what?

IT’S OK TO BE A VEGETARIAN.  It’s also ok to be a vegan, pescetarian, fruitarian, semi-vegetarian or whatever else you want to call yourself.

cafoI just want to take this opportunity to point out that I AM a vegetarian, and I would NOT love a big, juicy steak.  I don’t need to be a party to the damage that concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) do to the environment, humans, and animals. There’s a ton more reasons why I no longer eat animal flesh, but I don’t really feel the need to justify my decision to teh internet.

I’ve decided to participate in Experimonth for April.

“The goal of this experiment is to communicate with others using your own handwriting.  You can also create art/stamp/cut and paste as long as you are communicating in a slower, more tactile way than e-mail, sms, IM, etc.”

If you want me to mail you something, shoot me an email with your address.  It might be an original piece of art or just a postcard.  We’ll see what I’m in the mood for on the day I send it.